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We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, nor should we judge a wine by its label; however, in the case of the 2006 Olin Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma County, I quickly became attracted, perhaps even “inamorato,” to not only the label but the complete package. Olin Schultz and his team have done an outstanding job in selecting a premium bottle (the glass, that is), designing an absolutely sophisticated and elegant label, and completing the packaging with a wax seal over the cork. Would the wine now live up to my high expectations? The color is deeply opaque, setting even higher expectations. I sniff. Sure, it smells of youthful aromas, but it is loaded with fresh berry fruit in the background just waiting to exploding in due time. The oak is beautifully integrated without taking any of the fruit away. I take a sip, and I utter “wow.” What an amazing wine! The wine is full-bodied but very approachable in its youth. The flavors, acidity, mouthfeel – all are in harmony, in great balance. Admittedly, I was shocked to find out that the alcohol came in at a whopping 15.8%! (I had not noticed the alcohol declaration on the label.) Anyone aspiring to make a great Cab, Olin’s is an example to follow. The only thing missing was a hearty steak; I would have even settled for some parmigiano reggiano.


Daniel Pambianchi

     Editor Winemaker Magazine